Workshop for Visually Challenged

The Institute’s goal is to educate & train a visually challenged to enable him to stand on his own feet and make him competent to live his life with dignity and self respect. With this aim, Institute established a workshop- ‘Sheltered Workshop for the Visually Challenged.’ Inspite of limitations, various projects which the visually challenged can execute and which can rehabilitate them are going on in the workshop. Presently they are being trained in stitching, massage, making paper plates, cane work. 50 such visually challenged students are undergoing training in the workshop. In order to enroll in workshop one doesn’t require any specific educational qualification but must be between the age group of 18 to 35 yrs. The training period is 2 to 4 years. At times, students pursue their education with the training. After the training the Institute also supports visually challenged students monetarily to start their own business. Many such visually challenged students have been given sewing machines, literature for massage, so they can stand on their own by the institute. The students are also educated in latest computer technology.
The object of education. Training and other services for the visually challenged is their ultimate rehabitation. In this venture of rehabilitation centre many social organizations and social workers are helping the institute to achieve goal. The institute is looking forward to get help from the society not only for rehabitation but also for all walks of life of the visually challenged.