The Blind Relief Association, Nagpur

TBRAN as a state special school offering expertise in the low prevalence disabilities of visual impairments through innovative model programmes, assessment, consultation, and technical assistance, professional development, research, advocacy, and outreach.
A range of classroom education. –
The elementary and middle school offer education in academic and functional skills with a combination of classroom and community-based instructions. State recognized syllabus with all modern equipment. ABRAR, Recorder, Computer, etc. Braille being primarily essential for visually impaired is the teaching language and students are fully prepared for their high school education. Stress on the overall development to enable them to stand, compete and prove with normal visual students.
Skill Development programme –
The entire emphasis of the blind school is to prepare visually impaired to become self-reliant and earn their own livelihood to enable them to have respectful living conditions in society. The workshop training for 2 to 4 years, impart them various trades and vocational courses e.g. Caning, massage, stitching, wax-works, plant nursery, paper plate making, paper bag making, etc. These skill development courses are accompanied by computer education, personality development, mobility, light music, smart conversation, marketing and selling skills. With many limitations due to visual impairment essentially they have to learn and attain skill in trades education.
AA-A trainee gets himself confident to earn, his own and step up in the world of competition in all walks of life. TBRAN extend them help by giving sewing machines and other equipment – to initiate them to start their earning and become self-reliant.
Hostel Facility and Amenities –
All inmates of school and workshop are provided with free accommodation with best hostel facilities lodging and boarding e.g. tea, breakfast, food, airy and well-ventilated rooms, clean surrounding, potable drinking water, with caring and disciplined management kind warden, caretaker. Inmates are provided the best food, fruits, cereals, healthy food with prompt medical treatment in case of an ailment. Similarly, they provided educational textbooks eg. Slates, special tactual reading aids, various programmes of music, health education, sports activities, yoga library with a range of leisure and recreational programmes are conducted for inmates.
Braille Printing –
TBRAN is having unique braille printers wherein braille books are printed other than the syllabus eg. Storybooks, history books, religious books, and other such literature as per order and requirement of educational institutions for blind and individuals. This resource is available to all visually impaired. This expertise in braille printing is comprehensive assistance to the blinds in and around Nagpur city.
E-book Creation and Recording studio –
ABRAR Audio Books Reader and Recorder Instrument proved a helpful medium for their studies which record their syllabus and can be carried out anywhere. TBRAN building-up recording studio having facility of quality recording,editing etc. four independent studios and one common studio facilitate quality recording on a chip.
TBRAN’s Integrated Mundle English Medium School and Nursery School –
TBRAN opened gateway for normal and integrated students by starting Mundle English Medium School in 1998 and Nursery school in 2006. The English Medium School with all modern facilities in Academic education, along with education in all walk of life eg. Sports music, Drama dance, Science, Mathematics with well equipped science lab, Mathematic lab, rich library, computer lab of advance version computers. The devoted and trained staff has upgraded the educational standard of the school. The students responding to the endeavour of their teacher have brought laurels to the school by achieving best in academic, sports, and cultural activities. The MEMS is now well known school in and around the city. Similarly both schools have participated in bringing the economic stability to the Association and financially self-reliant.
Rehabilitation centre –
The entire exercise of running the Association is to rehabilitate the visually challenged. In this venture of rehabilitation centre many social organization5and social workers are extending their helping hand to achieve its goal. Rehabilitation is not limited to earn their livelihood but to equip them to live, exist and have a dignified social and family life in the society. The Association has been able to achieve this goal to large extent.
The Association in its 89 years travel since its establishment in 1928 has been blessed by active participation in dedicated work by luminaries such as Madhavrao alias ParamPujyashri Golwarkar Gur49Lji, PradyaBharti Shridharraowarnekar, who were first two sited teachers’ at the institute. Sihri Guruji was closely associated with founder Shri. Wadgeaonkar and he used to accompany him for collection of funds on his bicycle in early days of TBRAN. a)ad Other eminent luminaries includes Raosaheb A R Bambawale, Achrya Dad)tez. Dharmadhikari, Sir Sohrab Mehta, Lady ManoramabaiTambe, Justice K.T. Mangalmurty, Shri F.P. Bhagwaghar, Shri K.B.Madan, Shri K.N.Wadegaonkar, Shri S.P.Veerkar, Shri. P.R.AliasBhaiyyasahebMundle. Similarly it has been recognised and awarded by many social organisations and State Government due to its devotion, selfless services to visually impaired. The TBRAN is being praised for its consistent for upliftment of visually impaired.
The progress of modern technology is changing our life styles with everything becoming expensive. Though Institute gets grant from Government, qualitative improvements and establishing more facilities can be achieved through public participation. Visually impairment is a very serious handicap which deserves social empathy and helping hand. Everyone should help to uplift the life of the visually impaired.
By transparency and honesty in financial matters, the management of the association has earned credibility in the society and government agencies and hence the vision and donors donate generously for this noble cause and also encourage their friends and relatives to contribute for the same.