Our Founder

Shri Raosaheb Wamanrao Wadegaonkar, the founder of TBRANS, proved to be a ray of hope for the visually challenged. Inspite of being sightless he had a sight to work selflessly and determinedly for the cause of the visually challenged. He was aware of the trials and tribulations faced by a visually challenged person on the way to accomplish their dreams and experience success. Dr. Wadegaonkar was a firm believer in ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ and hence worked assiduously to motivate the visually challenged to go ahead in life. He made sincere efforts to educate the visually challenged so that they can stand on their feet and live their life with full dignity. He proved to be a ‘Messenger of God’ for the visually challenged.

On 12th May 1937, Dr. Wamanrao Wadegaonkar has bestowed the title of ‘Rao Saheb’, by King George V of London. He worked with heart and soul for the noble cause of ‘Service of Visually Challenged.’ Dr. Wadegaonkar left for the heavenly abode in the year 1966. He will always be immortal for his humane nature, noble deeds, simplicity and selfless service for the visually challenged. It was the dedication and commitment of Dr. Wadegaonkar and his family that the Andh Vidyalaya prospered. His extraordinary working ability and communication skills helped the ‘Andh Vidyalaya’ to flourish.