Mission of TBRAN

‘Help the Handicap’ with this motto Late shri. Raosaheb Wamanrao Wadegaonkar established ‘The Blind Relief Association, Nagpur (T.B.R.A.N.) in 1928. The institution is working for the betterment of the visually challenged since last 8 yrs.
The Main aim and objective of the institute is to be a ray of hope for the visually challenged. Not only to enrich their knowledge. ensure meaningful life. Status in the society but also to develop self respect and confidence. Some of the great personlities in the world such as Homar, Milton soordas and Sant. Gulabrao maharaj had lost their vision and yet they were visionaries of special kind.
Late shri Raosaheb Wamanrao Vadegaonkar was one such. He worked with exceptional dedication and zeal and opened a new gateway and showed path to the visually challanged from all over the country. So that they could be sell reliant and live with dignity in the society. The Blind Relief Association, Nagpur has been ceaselessly striving to serve the socio-economically deprived visually challenged personnel to find them means to live an active meaningful life.