Donate Generously

The institution has been blessed in a way by the active participation in its dedicated work by luminaries like Param Pujya Shri. Golwalkar Guruji And Pradhynabharti Shri Warnekar (who incidentally were the first two sighted teachers at the institute.) Acharya Dada Dharmadhikari, Sir Sohrab Mehta, Lady Manoramabai Tambe, Justice K.T. Mangalmurthy, Shri F.P. Bhagawaghar, Shri K.B. Madan, Shri K.N.Wadegaonkar, Shri S.P.Veerkar, Shri P.R. Alias Bhayyasaheb Mundle.

Helping the handicapped’ is moral responsibility particularly in a country like India, Where one Percent of the entire population is blind. The process of modern technology is changing our lifestyles with everything becoming expensive. Though the institute gets grants from the Government’s qualitative improvements and establishing more facilities can be achieved through public participation.
In Order to achieve the planned expansion, the institute earnestly appeals to you to donate generously to achieve its goal of helping the visually impaired. The institute has been receiving help from well-wishers and philanthropists since its inception. We are grateful to them for their kind help.
The help can be of a various kinds such as —
1) Financial help for various projects.
2) Donations in kind as goods for daily needs, furniture, toys, electrons, and musical equipment etc.
3) Active participation in the institute’s activities.
4) Teaching new trades in the workshop.
5) Help for self-employment and offering jobs in offices.
6) Telling various stories, reading storybooks and help in studies.
7) Teaching yogasana, pranayama, various sports to blind students.
8) By purchasing goods made in the workshop by blind students.
Each and everyone can help in many ways and your helping hand is always welcome. The donations to TBRAN are exempted from Income tax under section 80 G. All cheques and drafts may kindly draw in the name of” THE BLIND RELIEF ASSOCIATION”, Nagpur.