Andh Vidyalaya

The education of the visually challenged depends on touch and experience. Hence they need to be handled with extreme patience and compassion. In order to develop an interest in education, every student needs to be given personal attention. To accomplish this special teachers are appointed by the Institute. Most of the students in Institute come from financially Weaker Section of Society. The Insitute strives hard to inculcate moral values, develop their self confidence and thus bring them in the main stream. All the year round programs related to health, value education, resourcefulness, cultural, sports, competitions are organized by the Institute. Various extracurricular activities are taken for students. As per the strength sanctioned, in all 130 blind students are provided meals, dining and residential facilities in the Institute free of cost.
It also provides students daily needs, uniform, medicines, medical facility, educational books set, library, tactile reader, etc. without any charge. The students are also given computer training and prepared to handle latest technology. Healthy food, Happy and Enthusiastic Environment, Clean and Green Premises have made the hostel premises an ideal place to stay. The students here are not only academically successful but also have their personalities developed.
To educate visually challenged in the field of I.T. TBRAN has started this centre The centre is having braille printer. Apart from training in computer operations to the visually and orthopedically challenged the system can print braille books in 14 Indian languages. The centre has printed many story books, historical and religious books in braille. The centre has prepared catalogue of the available braille books and these books are supplied in the blind schools on demand at minimum cost. The Intention behind this is to make available literature to. these. students apart from the school curriculum.